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Informatics and foreign language center
02/05/2005 - Ba Ria - Vung tau Community college


     Ms  Nguyen Thi Mai Lien

Phone: 064.3622381

 Vice director

Mr. Nguyen Nam Thang

Phone: 064.3622381


1.      The center has the following duties:

-         Setting up projects to submit to the Principal for approval

-         Implementing training and academic plans according to regulations approved by the Principal in the founding decision.

-         Implementing financial activities under the Principal’s management and the college’s financial regulations

-         Doing other tasks assigned by the Principal.

2.      Heading the center is the director, aided by one vice director. The appointment or dismissal is done according to the province’s regulations on personnel management in state-run units. They  serve a five-year term and can be reappointed, but not more than 2 terms in recession .