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Functions of the Training Department
26/11/2012 - Ba Ria - Vung tau Community college


Mr. Truong Van Linh
Tel: 064.3530943 - Fax: 064.3622375

1. Pham Thi Phuong Thanh
2. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien
3. Nguyen Thi Loan
4. Nguyen Ba Quyen

Nguyen Duy Vinh Phuc
6. Phung Thi HoangYen
7. Pham Thi Thu Trang

The training department performs the functions of suggesting ideas, assisting the Rector in managing and performing training tasks, scientific research and international relations. Details as followed:

- Building school curricula, organizing teaching and learning activities, making school  plans including teaching-learning schedules, exams and holidays.

- Monitoring, assisting, managing and assessing the faculties in carrying out school’s objectives, curricula, training plans and strategies.

- Coordinating with faculties and sections in organizing end-of-term exams and final exams.

- Gathering and analysing exam results and produce end-of-year and end-of-course final results.

- Regulating teaching and learning activities among faculties

- Organizing, instructing and monitoring the process of compiling textbooks and reference books in faculties.

- Suggesting methods of improving “two-good’s” movement, doing research movement and promoting experiencial renovations in teaching and learning.

- Organizing scientific research activities in staff and students.

- Coordinating with faculties and sections in planning and directing factory practice.
- Carrying out enrollment, managing students

- Managingthe school library

- Proposing new ideas to the Rector in managing and carrying out international relation tasks such as receiving international projects, sending students abroad, receiving foreign volunteers, coordinating with foreign institutions, taking advantages of overseas Vietnamese’s support for the school’s training activities.

- Performing other duties assigned by the Rector




Faculty of electrical engineering
02/05/2005 - Ba Ria - Vung tau Community college


Ms.  Duong Ngoc Lan

Phone: 064.3622372


1.      Đoan Thi Tam

2.      Le Thi Thu Trang

3.      Truong Thien Quan

4.   Nguyen Thi Thu Huong


Responsibilities of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering

1.     The Faculty is the college’s administrative management unit and has the following duties:

-         Implementing training, academic plans and scientific research in line with the college’s plans.

-         Conducting scientific research, actively carrying out cooperative projects, combining training with scientific research.

-         In charge of writing curricula, completing course books, improving teaching and learning methods, and proposing additional plans.

-         Preserving the faculty’s assets, facilities, equipment, teaching aids, maintaining teaching and lab equipment.

-         Working with the Personnel Department to set up plans and provide further professional training for its staff.

-         Organizing activities to combine practice with production.

-         Proposing granting scholarships and social benefits to good students, reducing and even exempting school fees for poor students, complimenting and discipline.

-         Managing the students in comply with the students Regulations and others of the Ministry of Education and training.

-         Implementing duties assigned by the Principal

2.     Heading the Faculty is the dean, aided by 2 vice dean. The appointment or dismissal is done according to the province’s regulations on personnel management in state-run units. They serve a five-year term and can be reappointed ,but not more than 2 terms in recession